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Dental providers face the daunting task of guiding patients down the path of proper periodontal care, which can be exhausting for the provider and daunting for the patient. This course aims to empower dental hygienists and dentists to deliver excellent periodontal care that leaves the patient ultra-satisfied and the dental team proud. Learn the key strategies to seamlessly convert patients from prophy to perio through clear education, calibrated care plans, and unified communication. Uncover the undeniable link between exceptional periodontal care and the triumph of your dental hygiene department. Master essential expertise to assess patient risk factors, tailor treatment plans, and guide patients from prophy to perio with finesse, ensuring proper periodontal percentages and practice growth.

By addressing the essential aspect of patient finances and payment arrangements, we demonstrate how AcceptCare plays a vital role in ensuring that patients receive the care they need, ultimately contributing to the success of our periodontal case acceptance goals. AcceptCare is the final most important piece to this puzzle. We can assess, educate and guide, but unless the patient can find a comfortable way to pay for it we are left at a standstill.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the indisputable connection between delivering high-quality periodontal care and the success and profitability of a dental hygiene department

  2. Demonstrate the necessary skills to assess patient risk factors, enabling dental providers to tailor treatment plans for improved oral health outcomes that contribute to the growth and increased revenue of the hygiene department.

  3. Practice the communication skills to guide patients delicately and effectively through the transition from prophy to perio, leading to proper patient treatment and accurate perio percentages for the practice.

Get to know Tiffany: 

As the Founder and CEO of The Hygienepreneur, Tiffany Wuebben, RDH is a published author and speaker and is dedicated to serving the dental community in a big way. Tiffany’s influence empowers the dental team to practice with an “ownership attitude” which leads to better clinical outcomes, higher case acceptance and more productivity for the practice. This solid base starts with mentorship, education and training.

Her book, “Hygienepreneur: The Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Achieving Career Success & Personal Transformation,” outlines twenty-five key lessons for becoming the ultimate dental hygienist, one who provides the highest level of patient care, contributes significantly to practice revenue and gains new insights into mastering their destiny. With 30 years of dental experience, Tiffany is vested in practice and patient success through the growth and support of a highly profitable hygiene department. She has a unique passion for the field of dentistry and believes in giving back to the profession that has given so much to her.


Course Description:

More than 65% of patients leave their dentist's office without accepting treatment. The main reason for this is due to a disjointed financial presentation and a lack of comprehensive payment options. Introducing an all-in-one fee presentation solution designed to increase case acceptance and complete care approvals. Join the Founder of Compassionate Finance, Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Trisha LaVeck as they discuss AcceptCare, the leading solution dentists have been asking for. 

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AcceptCare is the only fee presentation solution designed to increase case acceptance and complete care approvals.