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Join us for an insightful exploration that begins with the captivating story of a practice in chaos and unfolds into a roadmap for building a thriving and organized dental practice.

During this session, Samantha Jones will share real-world anecdotes of practices facing chaos and uncertainty. From there, she will transition into understanding the patient perspective by exploring what patients see, hear, and feel when they step into your practice. This crucial insight forms the foundation for crafting an exceptional patient experience.

  1. Recognize the factors influencing a positive patient experience and their impact on satisfaction and trust.
  2. Understand the organizational elements that contribute to team retention and foster a healthy work culture.
  3. Define key tasks in dental practice operations and strategies for sustaining success in the industry.

Get to know Samantha: 

Sam founded her first company, offering support, knowledge, and strategies that contributed to her own success. Simultaneously, she served as the Chief
Operations Officer for two dentists who wanted to scale. In just four short years, she played a pivotal role in building the operational infrastructure while her colleagues focused on dentistry, resulting in the remarkable growth of one practice to many practices. One of which was a “from scratch” start-up! This is where she developed administrative and clinical systems that are now utilized in hundreds of practices across the country. This experience provided invaluable insight into the challenges dental teams face today. Specializing in helping owners transform their solo practices into thriving multi-practice entities, Sam recognized that distractions and unclear direction were often the root causes of challenges.

Intrigued by the behaviors driving these issues, she obtained an Applied Neuroscience certification to gain a deeper understanding of brain functions and their influence on everyday interactions. The acquisition of this new knowledge compelled her to start a new company that would blend the realms of operations and human behavior. This fusion ultimately gave rise to the birth of Cre8wise Movement, her innovative and transformative company. Cre8Wise is dedicated to using evidence-based brain science to facilitate insights, direction, and progress in professionals' lives and businesses.

Samantha has earned a reputation as an influencer and thought leader in intentional communication, dental business operations, business scalability, relationship building, team development, and empowering leaders. Furthermore, she is the CEO and founder of WOW Readiness Program, which offers career readiness resources and job placement for underserved women. Sam also serves as an expert advisor with Accelerate Dental and holds membership in the Dental Speaker Institute, Dental Speakers Bureau, and Dental Entrepreneur Women's Network.

Course Description:

More than 65% of patients leave their dentist's office without accepting treatment. The main reason for this is due to a disjointed financial presentation and a lack of comprehensive payment options. Introducing an all-in-one fee presentation solution designed to increase case acceptance and complete care approvals. Join the Founder of Compassionate Finance, Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Trisha LaVeck as they discuss AcceptCare, the leading solution dentists have been asking for. 

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AcceptCare is the only fee presentation solution designed to increase case acceptance and complete care approvals.